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The Fight Is On

We love all the tag-team efforts to quell the COVID-19 “coronavirus”. Whatever will help you, your families, your coworkers and all of us stay healthy, safe, and free to keep pursuing our dreams – that’s what we’re about.

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Get Inspired: Saint Patrick’s Day Giveaway Ideas

Saint Patrick’s Day is on its way and coming up in just a few weeks on Saturday, March 17th. Whether you’re planning a party or just need a few fun things to give away, we have everything you need to make your festivities a success! Most of these items can be customized with text or a logo and are a great way to get your message out there before the holiday begins. Here’s our list of 2018’s best Saint Patrick’s Day giveaways:

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Joining Forces To Provide Technology For Those In Need

Namify for years has piled up old broken computers, ending up with about 30 computers that they had no place for.

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